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This web page has been established by Jesuit Social Services and Catholic Social Services Australia to facilitate the distribution of information and statistical data related to the recently released report:  Dropping Off the Edge.


That report, under the authorship of Professor Tony Vinson, is a major new report which maps the distribution of social disadvantage throughout Australia.


Each State and Territory has provided us with detailed information on more twenty different variables that are relevant to the measurement of social disadvantage.  This information has been combined with data more readily available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


Copies of the report are available through the order form on these web page, and detailed interactive maps and statistical data will soon be available online.  The data contained on this web page will be helpful only with the contents of the publication Dropping Off The Edge before you.



The Report Dropping off the Edge...presents lists of localities that ranked highly on a 'disadvantage factor' within each Australia jurisdiction.  This comprehensive list and related data will be available on this website. That information is presented for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the ACT.  The same rankings pertaining to two jurisdictions with small numbers of localities (Tasmania and especially the Northern Territory) have already been incorporated in the published report.


A snapshot of the report's findings is presented in the following PDF presentation.


Because of our concern to avoid absolute rankings that could stigmatize some localities, the ‘score’ assigned to each one ranges from ‘1’ (the 5% of places at the most disadvantaged end of the scale) to ‘20’ (the 5% least disadvantaged).



The report Dropping Off the Edge presented summaries of major correlations between indicators and said that the correlation matrices will be coming to this website soon.





Professor Tony Vinson is the author of Unequal in life (1999) and Community Adversity and Resilience (2004), both commissioned by Jesuit Social services.

He is Emeritus Professor at the University of NSW and an Honorary Professor in the faculty of education and social work at Sydney University.

Jesuit Social Services

Is based in inner-city Melbourne. It provides a range of community service programs and undertakes social action, advocacy and research. Its mission is 'standing in solidarity with those in need; expressing a faith that promotes justice.

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Catholic Social Services Australia
Is the national peak body of the Catholic Church's work in social welfare and social policy based in Canberra.  It is also the largest network of Catholic social services agencies in Australia.